The soft leather of your new jacket feels fantastic, it has such a natural leather shine, and it is a given that you will receive cool compliments. Whatever happens, you are so proud of your leather jacket, you can take on the world. A badass bikers jacket or a Lammy is worn all day long and you prefer to sleep with it. With the result that it gets dirty faster and not to mention small scratches. It is probably just common sense to take good care of your leather jacket, at the same time the question is whether you always think about it. And you can’t put a leather jacket in the washing machine. If you have stains on your jacket, check the inside of the jacket for specific cleaning instructions. A leather jacket, like any natural product, can deteriorate through time, use, weather influences, and damage. We also recommend that you read our dos & don’ts carefully so that your leather jackets remain in perfect condition.

The do’s and don’ts of leather jackets

Of course, first an appetizing positive do, showing off a leather jacket is certainly well done. You can use the leather coats and jackets all year round. It goes well with all types of clothing, in other words, it is the ideal jacket. Of course, it follows a few don’ts, such as don’t buy a fake leather jacket.

Leather jackets of all colors look better if they are made of real leather instead of fake or artificial leather. If a black jacket is made of faux leather, it will look fake high-gloss, actually too shiny, i.e. not naturally shiny.

The do is always choose authentic leather. It also goes without saying that you damage your leather jacket, such as accidentally spilling something on your jacket from a glass of cola, cup of coffee or a beer. Or run through a densely wooded nature reserve where the sharp branches rub against your sleeves. Your leather jacket is not a picnic blanket for the green grass, unless it is for the love of your life.

The best dos are of course good maintenance, including removing stains on time with the right cleaning agent. All specialty stores have fantastic means for cleaning away various soils. Do this regularly, because a leather jacket is not the cheapest investment. In addition to the cleaning agent, you also have bottles with the combination of cleaning and greasing in one. You can use this to quickly solve the problem, but we advise you to always use two separate remedies, in conclusion, a cleaning agent and a special grease for your leather jacket.

How do I recognize real leather?

Be wary of any product that does not specifically claim to be genuine leather. Real leather jackets have the labels that it is real leather. A few tips on how to recognize leather: Check the surface, small imperfections and pores are visible. Genuine leather may have minor scratches, folds and wrinkles. The leather smells like a natural scent. Do you want to keep your real leather jacket perfect? Then maintain it well!